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      The passage of time has proved that ourancestors knew what they were doing. And theydid it well. That is why we continue to respecttheir methods, their advice, their wisdom,...

         We carry on the family tradition of producing thebest Serrano cured ham. It is a legacy into whichwe incorporate only processes that add to thequality without diminishing the virtues of this handcraftedproduct - a product that (in contrast withthe vast majority of food today) remains healthy and completely natural.







In producing our hams, we strive to ensure a consistentlyhigh quality. This is our main objective.

    We start with a careful selection of raw material, choosing onlythe best meat from the best ranches: female pigs or castrated males, with a substantial layer of fat.

    Our salting process, the pressing of the meat and the post-saltingphase of the process are done using only the time-honoured,traditional methods of the region. Our hams are then maturednaturally — without accelerating the process — in the ideal microclimate of the Teruel hills.

      In this way, our cured hams are imbued with the distinctive aromaand rich flavour that make them unique.






           For its aroma, colour, texture and flavour, our cured hamis an authentic pleasure for the palate. To taste it is an indulgence of the senses.

     Savouring our ham can be an occasion to enjoy alone or with
         company. It can be served as an entrée, a side dish or a main
         course. When serving, we would suggest that you:

Cut the ham in thin slices with a sharp knife;
Serve it newly cut and at room temperature to maximise itsaroma; and
Present it in small slices (the size of a mouthful) andpreferably on a warmed plate.

                 In this way, besides being nutritious and healthy, our cured ham
will offer you a torrent of pleasant sensations with each mouthfulthat you enjoy.



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